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NSCCM is a Nordic school where we have traditionally offered programs and courses about Contract & Commercial Management in Danish, but a large part of Danish companies are internationally based, have an international employee group and negotiate their contracts in English. NSCCM therefore also offers courses in English, and in 2021 we have the following 2 courses.


1. Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner – English edition

An education that gives you an internationally recognized certification. The course is taught over a span of 1 month, it includes 4 days classroom training, 5 days of study - with an exam and certification.

Participant profile

The education is designed for those who intensively participate or are responsible for contracts and contract processes, such as contract managers, IT contract managers, bid managers, procurement managers, vendors and project managers, lawyers etc.


The education will give you a holistic overview and insight in the five lifecycle aspects of contract management, from sourcing options to contract close out and lessons learned. 

It will provide you with competences enabling you to understand and solve day-to-day challenges concerning contract management.

You will obtain insight in processes, activities, tools and best practice within contract and commercial management. This knowledge will enable you to immediately improve your organization's commercial and legal contract management. 

The certification

NSCCM is an official training partner with WorldCC (former IACCM), and that means you’ll get a certification that is internationally recognized.

The education is based on WorldCC´s Practitioner certificationprogram,but the program is further developed by NSCCM to classroom teaching, where you will be taught by acknowledged experts of CCM.

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2. Negotiate, draft and manage contracts in English

An interactive and interdisciplinary course, includes 2 days of classroom teaching. 

Participant profile

This course is designed for project managers, contract managers, bid managers etc. without formal legal education, who wants to improve their understanding and ability to negotiate, draft and manage contracts in English. 


The aim of this course is to enable its participants better to understand, connect and integrate the commercial, technical and legal issues, e.g. how to optimally negotiate, draft and manage warranties and best efforts clauses, liquidated damages, limitation of liabilities, force majeure and indemnification clauses, best efforts clauses etc. in relation to the business purposes, the project risks involved and the legal requirements.

There will be focus on specific clauses and also how the clauses relate to each other. 

It will also be shown how the different drivers, stakeholders interests and approaches may affect negotiation styles and results, and how it might be possible to overcome disagreement by understanding each side better and choosing more intelligent drafting solutions.

The participants will be given negotiation and drafting guides to some of the most important clauses, including management processes and tips and tricks and lessons learned.

An interactive course

The participants are offered to bring their own examples of clauses for discussion.

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René Franz Henschel

Professor at the Department of Law, Aarhus University. IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting certification at expert level

René is an experienced educator and researcher in contract law as well as contract management. He has published a large list of articles and books concerning the subjects and has a lot of practical experience through his work as a consultant – working for law firms, regions, municipalities and IT suppliers amongst others.

René is a member of the IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting Advisory Board as well as being co-writer of many of the textbooks that we use in our education. 


Christian Sandbeck

Christian is one of the best in his field in Denmark and has more than 15 years of experience concerning contract and commercial management – a span from the biggest public IT projects to complex global outsourcing contracts.

Christian has managed several management roles within the field of contract and commercial management. Today, Christian possesses the role of Head of Business at SimCorp.