Why contract management?

Today, both private and public companies are under pressure to realize economic goals and increase efficiency. At the same time, the complexity of the services we supply and procure is growing. Over time our world has evolved from manufacturing to services – and the contracts are numerous and more complex than ever before. 


Good contract management can be seen on the bottom line 

The development places higher demands on the organizations’ handling of contracts. And it places particular demands on the people who are working with the contracts. This is where contract and commercial management (CCM) comes into play. 

A study by World Commerce and Contracting (former IACCM) revealed a very clear difference of almost 10% on the bottom line between good and bad practice in relation to contract management.


Some key figures

  • 50-75% of private companies' in- and outputs are currently regulated by contracts 
  • An estimate reads that the number of contracts has increased by 50% in the last 25 years 
  • 30-35% of organizations contracts do not provide the expected value 
  • The cost of this corresponds to 9,2% of the annual turnover for the contract budget 


Get control of your contracts! 

If you want to strengthen your skills within contract and commercial management, NSCCM´s education programs are perfect for you. NSCCM is one of the few official training partners in the world accredited by WorldCC to offer the internationally recognized certification educations in Contract and Commercial Management. 


Get a boost at a personal and organizational level

By taking a contract and commercial management certification, you expand your skills on a personal level – and you also lift the organizational level of competence in your company by introducing and implementing contract management on a higher level. 

After the certification in contract and commercial management, you can contribute with

  • Preparing, drafting and handling more solid contracts from start to finish 
  • Risk management and realization of business goals 
  • Contract terms and knowledge of the legal rules behind contracts 
  • The ability to work interdisciplinary and lead operational projects as well as change projects 

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Vidste du at...

Vidste du at...

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