A CCM-certification can pave the way for your new career

A sought-after position 

Although contract management is a relatively new discipline in Denmark, the need for contract management is steadily increasing – both nationally and internationally. We estimate that the demand for contract managers has increased about 20 % each year for the last 5 years. So is the demand for the right professionals to do the job. 

It is often underestimated how complex an activity contract management is; it requires overview, planning, professional competences as well as social and communicative skills in order to be able to design and manage contractual and business relationships across the organization. 

There is a need to understand this complex puzzle so that processes can be reconciled, simplified and streamlined. There is also a need for a common language and a common understanding of contracts, and how they can be used in best possible way. But it requires leadership and courage before the necessary change happens. This is where NSCCM's certifications and courses can help.  


Stand out among applicants 

At Nordic School of Contract and Commercial Management (NSCCM), you will be trained in best practice contract management, developed by leading companies and organizations worldwide - public as well as private and customers as well as suppliers. 

Through an intensive and internationally recognized certification program, you will gain insight into all parts of contract management and be equipped to handle all stages of the work on contracts and the laws that lies behind it. With an international certification, you stand out qualitatively when recruiters study applicants. 

Read more about NSCCM and our course CCM Practitioner English Edition.

Vidste du at...

virksomheder, der indfører contract management, ofte får højere værdi på børser? De sælges til en højere pris, da kontrakternes værdi og risici kendes nøjagtigt – derfor tør købere og investorer betale mere.