Who is the NSCCM?

NSCCM - Nordic School of Contract and Commercial Management

Our purpose is to expand the knowledge of contract and commercial management in public and private organisations. We want that, because we believe that contract management will become an increasingly pivotal factor for Nordic organisations’ competitiveness in a global market context.You can read more in our blog post Why Contract Management?

That is why we offer courses and certified educations in Contract & Commercial Management (CCM), which contain the best founded international knowledge, research and practice in the field. We have educations at different levels of competence and shorter courses within In-demand areas.


Internationally approved certification

We are a Nordic school, approved and certified by World Commerce & Contracting (former IACCM), as an official training partner.

This means that through us, you will get a certified education at an international level – developed amongst a panel of the leading specialists in contract management in the world and formed through practical experiences with contract management made by 150 countries.

Our certified CCM programs are based on the World Commerce & Contracting process model, which contains a number of activities that optimize the return on contracts. The activities ensure i.a. overview of processes and activities, increased awareness of communication, risk reduction, etc., all of which are important factors that help to ensure an increased commercial return. Read more about our thoughts on contract and commercial management.

In danish we offer educations at different levels of competence, and in English we offer our most popular education CCM Practitioner English Edition.


Special courses developed by NSCCM

At NSCCM, we have experienced interest and demand in special areas of contract management, and therefore we have developed courses in collaboration with experts in the field. Right now we can offer 3 special developed courses in English. In all our educations and courses, you get concrete tools in your luggage, so you can apply your new knowledge into practice from day one.

Our educators are amongst the leading experts of contract management in the North, meet them here.


Our participants

Over the years, we have trained employees from public as well as private organizations and companies, including: IT and pharmaceutical business, energy and supply business, client and construction business, consulting and architectural business, law and auditing companies, train and metro business, banking, finance and insurance business.

We are training partners for a number of state authorities, several regions and municipalities, etc.


We are happy to share our knowledge

At NSCCM, we follow the development of the latest international research and practice closely, and our teachers contribute greatly to this development. The lecturers are all rooted in research environments at Danish universities and / or in leading companies and organizations within the area.

And we are happy to share our knowledge with you - of course free of charge and without obligation. You can follow us on:

LinkedIn, where we have several short professional posts every week: https://www.linkedin.com/company/11354107/admin/

The blog on our website, where we bring new professional posts every month: https://nsccm.dk/da/blog


Holiday closing in 2022

In 2022, NSCCM is closed for holidays on all public holidays and in the period from 1 July-31. July.


Do you have questions?

You can call +45 7020 0131 or write an email to nsccm@nsccm.dk