General conditions

General conditions


1. Registration

Registration can be done by email, phone or via our website ( Registration will be confirmed by an email ("confirmation email"), sent to the email address provided at the time of registration. This email also indicates when we will return with further information. This will normally occur approximately 2 weeks before the first day of the course.  


2. Payment terms

Prices include meals: breakfast on arrival, lunch and afternoon meals, fruit etc. Prices also include NSCCM's own educational material and a one-year membership of a contract management network run by Ramboll. Prices exclude additional educational materials as well as an IACCM exam fee, approx. 2,300 DKK excluding VAT (the 2.300 DKK includes an exam registration (800 DKK ex. VAT) and a one-year membership of the IACCM).


3. Cancellation

Registration is binding and cancellation is therefore only possible according to the rules below:


If you are prevented from participating in the course after receiving your confirmation mail, but before the course itself has started, you are free to postpone your participation to another advertised open course on the Danish CCM Practitioner education.

You can choose your preferred training course immediately or later. However, it is a condition for utilizing this deferral right that you have sent an email to the NSCCM ( no later than 7 days before the start of the training course. For other educations and courses, please contact NSCCM about this option.


If you are prevented from participating in the training course, you are welcome to send another participant to your place. However, this costs a handling fee of DKK 500.


If you are prevented from participating in one or more course days after the training has started, you are free to participate in another corresponding day at a later course on the danish CCM Practitioner course. For other educations and courses, please contact NSCCM about this option.


If you don´t wish to participate in later training courses but wish to cancel your course completely, a cancellation fee of 25% of the full course price is charged, up to 30 days before the start of the training course.


If your cancellation takes place later than 30 days before the start of the

training course, the full price of the course is charged.  


4. Exam

The exam is held as an online exam. However, after NSCCM's assessment, the exam may instead be held as a written exam.

If you do not attend the exam or do not pass, you can always make a new exam registration with a renewed payment.


5. Cancellation, relocation and modification of training courses or training days, including changes to the form of teaching, as a result of COVID-19, etc.

NSCCM reserves the right to cancel, relocate or modify a training course or individual training days. This may be due to the fact that there are too few participants or for other compelling reasons, such as illness, transport problems or consequences of COVID-19 rules, recommendations and other necessary adaptations.


Under normal circumstances, participants will be notified of cancellation, relocation or changes to training courses/individual training days at least 7 days before the event, with the following exceptions:


Cancellation, relocation and changes to training courses/individual training days may exceptionally take place until 12:00 the day before the event.

If rules or recommendations warrant this, including COVID-19 or force majeure circumstances, cancellations, relocations or changes may occur at shorter notice or on the day itself. Relocations and changes may include replacing physical attendance with online education.


In the situation where NSCCM cancels the entire course/courses, participants will be offered to choose from the following:

  • a place on a later, corresponding course
  • a voucher for NSCCM's educations and courses
  • refundation


In the event of cancellation, relocation or change of individual training days, the NSCCM will as soon as possible find alternative dates for the training, that suit the majority of the participants, as far as possible. Participants who cannot participate on these alternative dates will be offered recorded or streamed lessons.


At the danish CCM Practitioner training, participants can also choose to participate in individual training days on a later course.


NSCCM accepts no responsibility for any loss caused by the cancellation, relocation or changes to entire training courses or individual training days, such as transport costs, accommodation costs or other direct as well as indirect losses.


Any memberships or exam fees for IACCM will not be refunded, nor will they be renewed.


6. The provision and transmission of training materials

The provided training materials depend on the type of training.


The materials are provided either on the day of training or by transmission, including electronic mail. Our prices include materials published by the NSCCM, but not materials from external publishers, such as publications of the IACCM, etc. Possible shipment costs are contained in our prices.


7. Educational changes

To the extent that the IACCM conducts changes in educational materials, educational content, exam, etc., NSCCM reserves the right to make corresponding changes to our training with effect from the time the IACCM implements the changes.


8. Other conditions, choice of law and jurisdiction

Moreover the general rules of Danish law apply to the agreement. The agreement is governed by Danish law and any disputes are resolved by the Danish Institute of Arbitration in accordance with the foundation's applicable rules at any time.