Meet our educators

At the Nordic School of Contract and Commercial Management, you will be educated by acknowledged experts of CCM, all specialists in each of their area. Meet them here.

René Franz Henschel
Professor at Department of Law, Aarhus University, IACCM/WorldCC Certified at Expert Level, appointed Fellow

René Franz Henschel

Professor at the Department of Law, Aarhus University. Fellow, IACCM/WorldCC, certification at expert level

René is an experienced educator and researcher in contract law as well as contract management. He has published a large list of articles and books concerning the subjects and has a lot of practical experience through his work as a consultant – working for law firms, regions, municipalities and IT suppliers amongst others.

René is a member of the IACCM/WorldCC Advisory Board as well as being co-writer of many of the textbooks that we use in our education. 

René has taught in contract and commercial management since 2010. He was appointed Fellow in January 2021 by WorldCC for his great contribution to developing contract management as an international disciplin and his personal commitment to spreading WorldCC's vision and mission of creating more value in trade relations.

Christian Sandbeck
Partner, Contractus ApS, Cand.merc.jur., WorldCC certified at Expert level

Christian Sandbeck

Christian is one of the best in his field in Denmark and has more than 15 years of experience in IT Contract and Commercial Management. He has vast contract experience working at clients, at vendors and as consultant with both private and public organizations - with a span from the biggest public IT projects to complex global outsourcing contracts.

Christian has managed several management roles within the field of contract and commercial management in companies like CSC, KMD and most recently he was Director Contract & Commercial Management at SimCorp. 

He is certified IACCM/WorldCC CCM Expert and has been teaching at NSCCM since 2014.

Rasmus Tønnies
Partner, ARC Contract & Commercial Management, cand.jur. IACCM/WorldCC, certified at Advanced Practitioner Level, appointed Fellow

Rasmus Tønnies

Rasmus has +15 years of experience in Contract Management and the development of complex contracts.

He has assisted both private and public organizations in implementing Contract Management, including the acquisition and implementation of Contract Management software and organizational setup. Rasmus also has extensive experience in carrying out complex IT acquisitions, construction contracts and M&A transactions.

Rasmus has managed several management roles, eg. at Bech Bruun and most recently as Head of Department and Marked Director in Legal & Contract Management Consulting at Rambøll.

Rasmus has been teaching at NSCCM in Contract and Commercial Management since 2016. He was appointed Fellow in January 2021 by WorldCC for his contribution to developing contract management as an international disciplin and his personal commitment to spreading WorldCC's vision and mission of creating more value in trade relations.

Anders Nordentoft
Partner, ARC Contract Management

Anders Nordentoft Edelholt

Anders has worked with Contract & Commercial Management and as head of Contract Management in companies like Lyngsoe Systems, KMD, SimCorp, Rambøll Management Consulting. 

He has + 15 years of experience in Contract & Commercial Management and is expert in Contract Management CLM Solutions and implementations of CLM.

He has implemented Contract Management Operating Models, Contract Management projects and CLM Solutions in companies ranging from small to large solutions. 
He has vast contract experience working at clients, at vendors and as consultant with private and public organizations.

Latest position: Senior Manager/Head of Business area CLM in Legal and Contract Management Consulting @ Rambøll Management Consulting.

Legal Business Partner, Domestic Building Services, Grundfos Holding, cand.jur.

Michael Pedersen

Michael has more than 25 years of experience with contract negotiation and drafting, dealing with different types of contracts, e.g. sales and procurement contracts, construction and wind energy. He has been Chief Legal Counsel, Special Projects and Head of Legal Corporate, Procurement and HR, Grundfos as well as Legal counsel, Vestas. 

Michael has been external lecturer at the Department of Law, Aarhus University for almost 10 years, where he developed the course Drafting Commercial Contract together with René Franz Henschel. He has been giving in-house and open courses lectures for many years.

anders boisen
Partner, BetterContracts Aps, cand.jur.

Anders Christian Boisen

Anders har mere end 20 års erfaring med rådgivning og undervisning om større IT- og digitaliseringsprojekter. Hans ekspertise ligger særligt i at bygge bro mellem de juridiske, tekniske og kommercielle områder og kontraktlig understøttelse af agile IT-projekter.

Han har tidligere været ansat i Rambøll Management Consulting, som chef for Legal Consulting med fokus på juridisk rådgivning relateret til IT-området særligt med henblik på at gennemføre komplekse IT-projekter hos ordregivere underlagt EU’s udbudsregler.

Anders er i dag selvstændig rådgiver, med fokus på levering af operationel juridisk rådgivning, hvor juraen understøtter og er tæt integreret til de tekniske og kommercielle dele af IT-projekter.

Jesper Fuglsang Mikkelsen
Partner, Contractus ApS, Cand. merc. jur., ITIL V3 certificeret

Jesper F. Mikkelsen

Jesper har mere end 30 års erfaring indenfor Contract & Commercial Management. Hans expertise ligger indenfor IT Outsourcing, Vendor Strategy, Contract Lifecycle Management, Risk management, Commercial Excellence og Business Value Management.

Jesper har erfaring fra såvel kunde- som leverandørsiden fra flere større danske og internationale virksomheder. Han har siddet i ledende stillinger i f.eks. Hewlett Packard, Logica, Arla Foods, ISG Nordics og Deloitte. Senest har han været Senior Strategic Technology Vendor Manager i AP Møller Mærsk, hvor han bl.a. implementerede Contract Management og Strategisk IT Vendor Management.


Bettina Rønn Laugesen
Director ManAd Management Advisory, HD(O), HD(SCM), Executive MBA, Henley Business School

Bettina Rønn Laugesen

Bettina has 20 years of experience in Procurement management, supply chain management and production management through her work experience and education. She works with strategic development - focusing on quality, delivery and TCO, that can lift the company to the next level.

Bettina most recently worked as Global Procurement Director at SimCorp and has previously worked at Egmont, Gyldendal, Tryg and Canon. Today, Bettina works as an independent Management Advisor and teaches Procurement Strategy and Management.