Practical IT contract management

Practical IT contract management

According to the WorldCC, between 30 and 35% of all contracts do not produce the desired financial result. The main reasons for this can be found in 10 topics which are typically the subject of discussion between the customer and the supplier.

During the two days of the course, we will immerse ourselves in the 10 topics in IT contracts, in order for the participants to ensure the desired financial result in their own contracts. The course is structured with a focus on the operational level, so you are introduced to methods and tools that can help you work with your IT contracts from a concrete and practical perspective.

Examples of questions that will be discussed in the course include: "How do I design a penalty model that gives the supplier the greatest possible incentive?". And from a supplier perspective: "How do I assess the risk in the requested SLAs?"

The course takes place as a workshop, where we work with specific contract terms.


Establish the basis for a commercially sound IT contract through practical tools and methods


Participant profile
This workshop is designed for those who work with or are responsible for IT contracts, and need practical perspectives, methods and tools that can be used immediately in the daily work - with a focus on securing the planned gains.

The course addresses both the purchasing and sales side. Examples of participants are Bid Managers, Contract Managers, Purchasers, Sellers and Lawyers.

As the course is interactive, including practical workshops focusing on specific issues and clauses, there will be a maximum of 12 participants in the course.


Benefits of Practical IT Contract Management
Through this intensive course, you will gain insight into how to establish the basis for a commercially sound IT contract seen from both a customer’s and a supplier’s perspective.

You will receive a number of practical tools and methods and be obtain the practical knowledge to apply them and generate value in your organization.


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For members of the NSCCM Professionals Network, the price is DKK 11.200 excl. VAT.

Content /Indhold

Day 1


Basic introduction to IT contracts, the contract management phases, business case and other concepts used during the course.


The planning phase

  • What is a business case?
  • Which 10 contractual issues have the greatest effect on the realization of our business goals?
  • The customer's planning of tender material with a focus on business goals
  • The supplier's assessment of the customer's tender material
  • Supplier's respons/answers
  • The customer's assessment of the supplier's offer


Negotiation of the IT contract

  • How can we use the 10 topics to optimize the parties' overall gain from the IT contract?


Day 2

Summary of day 1

Transfer from negotiation to implementation

  • How do we ensure that the users of our IT contract utilise/apply/use the contract correctly so that the business goals are achieved?


Implementation phase / transition

  • Contract Management activities during the implementation phase
  • Establishment of the basis for the operational phase
  • Performance management (project progress)
  • Change management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Test and approval
  • Follow up on business objectives


The operational phase

  • Contract Management activities during the operational phase
  • Performance management (SLAs and other obligations)
  • Change management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Follow up on business objectives



  • Preparation of exit plan


Anders Nordentoft

Anders Nordentoft Edelholt

Partner, ARC Contract Management
Anders has worked with Contract & Commercial Management and as head of Contract Management in companies like Lyngsoe Systems, KMD, SimCorp, Rambøll Management Consulting.  He has + 15 years of experience in Contract & Commercial Management and is expert in Contract Management CLM Solutions and implementations of CLM. Anders has implemented Contract Management Operating Models, Contract Management projects and CLM Solutions in companies ranging from small to large solutions. He has vast contract experience working at clients, at vendors and as consultant with private and public organizations. Latest position: Senior Manager/Head of Business area CLM in Legal and Contract Management Consulting @ Rambøll Management Consulting.
Christian Sandbeck

Christian Sandbeck

Partner, ARC Contract Management, cand.merc.jur., IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting certified at Expert level
Christian is one of the best in his field in Denmark and has more than 15 years of experience in IT Contract and Commercial Management. He has vast contract experience working at clients, at vendors and as consultant with both private and public organizations - with a span from the biggest public IT projects to complex global outsourcing contracts. Christian has managed several management roles within the field of contract and commercial management in companies like CSC, KMD and most recently he was Director Contract & Commercial Management at SimCorp.  He is certified IACCM/WorldCC CCM Expert and has been teaching at NSCCM since 2014.

Overview - Practical IT contract management



2-day course, where we alternate between theory, concrete methods, and tools in practice. Perspectives from the participants' own projects will be included

The teaching is conducted in English.

All materials and tools are in English.


2 weeks before the start of the course, you will receive a link to the course material, consisting of tools, templates, and IT contracts that are used as examples during the course.


2-day interactive course


There is no exam.


The price for the workshop is DKK 12.000 excl. VAT


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" It was great that the team was we were relatively few in the group - everyone was brought into play, and there was time for the teachers to "grab" the participants' stories from real life and include it in the teaching.


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