CCM Practitioner - English edition

CCM Practitioner - English edition

The CCM Practitioner education is the first step in IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting’s flagship of certifications. Through the education you will obtain skills enabling you to understand and utilize the most important principles and techniques of contract management.

During the course with a span of 1 month, including 4 days of education conducted by the leading experts and practitioners, you will obtain insight in processes, activities and best practice within contract and commercial management. This knowledge will enable you to immediately improve your organization's commercial and legal contract management.


Participant profile

The education is designed for those who intensively participate or are responsible for contracts and contract processes, such as contract managers, IT contract managers, lawyers, bid managers, vendors and project managers. The participant will obtain thorough knowledge concerning the major processes, activities and tools.



The education will provide you with competences enabling you to understand and solve day-to-day challenges and you will achieve an insight in the five lifecycle aspects of contract management, from sourcing options to contract close out and lessons learned – a holistic overview providing you with the competences to:

  • Match the needs of the organisation – whom, what and when the contract shall cover
  • Determine the sourcing phase, terms and conditions
  • Handle costs and risks
  • Plan and execute negotiations
  • Implement the contract in the most optimal way
  • Asses how (and to whom) the communication must be conducted
  • Monitor the contract, changes and contract close out


About the certification

NSCCMs education is based on IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting’s Practitioner certification. An IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting certification and membership gives you:

  • The title of CCM Practitioner and logo
  • Access to the IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting knowledge and educational centre and research, online lectures, articles, blogs and much more
  • The opportunity to maintain your certification through IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting's free online courses
  • An international network of 60,000 practitioners
  • Participation in Nordic network meetings, usually four times a year


Potential adjustments or changes of courses in relation to the Covid-19

The training is expected to be carried out as planned, i.e. as physical instruction on the dates specified. Should it become apparent that the Covid-19 is evolving in such a way that, due to rules or recommendations from public authorities and the Ramboll Group, it will not be possible to meet in smaller gatherings, we will adjust/modify the teaching accordingly, comprising the use of live streaming on the dates already set. If it becomes necessary to make adjustments/changes, we will inform you further.


NEW! Online live streaming offered

Upon request, you can now choose to have livestreamed training through microsoft teams. Contact NSCCM by email or by mobile number 7020 0131 for an appointment.


Mandatory Online live streaming - small cohorts

Please note, that we reserve the right to conduct the entire training online, if there are 6 students or less enrolled in a course. We will inform you no later than 1 week before the first day of lessons, should this be the case. We do this instead of cancelling the course.



Christian Sandbeck

Cand.merc, jur and IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting certified at Expert level

Christian is one of the best in his field in Denmark and has more than 15 years of experience concerning contract and commercial management – a span from the biggest public IT projects to complex global outsourcing contracts. Christian has managed several management roles within the field of contract and commercial management. Today, Christian possesses the role of Head of Business at SimCorp. 

René Franz Henschel

Professor at Department of Law, Aarhus University. IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting Certified at Expert Level

René is an experienced educator and researcher in contract law as well as contract management. He has published a large list of articles and books concerning the subjects and has a lot of practical experience through his work as a consultant – working for law firms, regions, municipalities and IT suppliers amongst others. René is a member of the IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting Advisory Board as well as being co-writer of many of the textbooks that we use in our education. 

Content /Indhold

Day 1 – Introduction and initiation phase


Introduction to the education

Who is NSCCM & IACCM/World Commerce & Contracting.

Introduction to contract and commercial management as well as best practice.


Initiation phase

Introduction to contract administration

Identification of costs and cost benefit analysis

Requirements definitions

Sourcing options

Undertaking at terms audit

Exercises and wrap-up

Day 2 – The initiation phase continued & offer phase


The offer phase


The bid processes and rules

The influence of laws on the bid process

Understand the market

Opportunity assessment

Stakeholder management

Development of evaluation criteria

Application of evaluation criteria

Contract and relation types

Overview of terms and conditions

Exercises and wrap-up

Day 3 – The development phase and negotiation phase


The development phase

Terms and conditions

Partnerships, alliances and distribution

Statement of Work/SLA

Contract drafting techniques - considerations and guidelines in relation to drafting contracts

Other strategic considerations


The negotiation phase

Planning, overview, objectives

Framing, strategi and goals

Negotiation styles and techniques

Excercises and wrap-up

Day 4 – Negotiation phase continued & contract management


The negotiation phase


Tactics, tricks and lessons learned

Price and financial considerations


Management phase


Implementation and communication

Monitoring and performance management

Contract change management

Disputes - handling and resolution

Contract close out

Exercises and preparation for exam




4 days of education during a span of 1 month. The courses stretch from theory through practice and includes perspectives from the participants’ own work life. During the education days, we will have cases, exam exercises etc. to maximize the output.


"Contract and Commercial Management – The Operational Guide’ (2011), 600 pages. You will receive the book 2 weeks before the start of the education. Selected chapters must be read beforehand. You will receive 4 portfolios with additional materials (PowerPoints, appendix materiales, checklists, cases, exam exercises etc.).



In addition to the 4 days of education, you will have to incorporate 1 day of preparation time for each education day as well as 1 day of preparation for the exam. 


Online multiple-choice exam on the WorldCC/IACCM website. You choose the time for the exam – however, the latest possible date being a1 year after you have started the education. Re-exam and postponing is possible if arranged with NSSCM.

When you have passed the exam, you will receive your Certification from WorldCC - and it gives you the right to use the title CCM Practitioner. 


Early Bird - if you sign up before November 1st you will receive a discount:

Through to November 1st the price is 19.950 DKK/2.700 euro excluding VAT

After November 1st the price is 24.500 DKK/3.300 euro excluding VAT 

Additional obligatory expenses:

Textbook: 700 DKK/95 euro excluding VAT 

1-year membership of IACCM/WorldCC and fee for certification exam, in total: 2300 DKK/310 euro excluding VAT 



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What our students says...

"The course has provided me the structured and pragmatic knowledge I needed to perform my daily tasks and to challenge internal processes. All personnel were very professional and kind. I totally recommend this education to all colleagues in CCM "

Rita Cunha, Contract Manager hos Vestas